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Inkerman Timeline

 1855Samuel Inkerman Eales  (Founder)
 1901Samuel Inkerman Eales 
 1946Samuel Inkerman Eales
 1982Thomas Eales
 1994Ritchie Eales

Inkerman Silver was established in Sheffield during the middle of the nineteenth century when its founder Samuel Inkerman Eales returned from the Crimean War and inbarked on a idea to make the best cutlery in the world.The company has remained in the ownership of the family since 1855.

The skills, techniques and manufacturing processes that craft Sheffield cutlery have been handed down from generation to generation of craftsmen ensuring that Inkerman cutlery and products achieve the standards for which the very first Samuel Inkerman Eales was proud to put his name to.

Inkerman Silver is the trading name for Samuel Eales Silverware Ltd. In 1991 the trading name changed from Samuel Eales Silverware Ltd to Inkerman Silver to honour the founder and to keep the history and legacy of him alive.

Traditionally the eldest son was named after their father, therefore the Inkerman name was lost in 1982 when the youngest son, Thomas Eales, took over.

We continue to produce the highest quality Sheffield made cutlery in hallmarked sterling silver, sliver plated and stainless steel. Each item is indivdually hand crafted and comes with the Inkerman guarantee of quality that will last a lifetime.

Here at Inkerman Silver our cutlery is made in Sheffield which has been validated by the "Made in Sheffield" independant organisation. 

As one of the last remaining cutlery manufacturers in Sheffield we welcome customers to visit us here at Inkerman Silver. 

You can visit our "online factory tour" to view some of the tradtional processes used by our skilled craftsmen.

Please be assured that when you are purchasing your goods from Inkerman Silver they are of the highest quality.




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