Caring for your Cutlery

How to care for your Cutlery

  • Always wash your cutlery before use for hygiene reasons.
  • Do not leave cutlery to soak or leave damp.
  • Rinse or wash with soapy water after use with domestic liquid detergent and dry immediately.
  • Avoid prolonged contact with food on the cutlery, certain foods such as eggs, citrus fruits and vinaigarettes can cause discolour or marks.
  • Please do not use abrasive polishes or scouring pads.
  • Do not store in damp conditions.
  • Store in a canteen if not used regular.



The white ”patina” of silver is responsible for much of its aesthetic appeal becomes more pronounced with age due to the optical effect of the multitude of very fine scratches that develop in use. On new highly polished silverware, the few fine isolated scratches that first appear tend to be somewhat conspicuous until the white patina has fully developed.